San Francisco to Berkeley

June 8, 2017






Information security has become a critical mission for any company operating in a hyper-connected business environment. With more products and information coming online, the attack surface expands exponentially, leaving users, businesses and nations vulnerable to high-impact attacks. In addressing these threats, anyone building the next great technology must navigate complex security issues with far-reaching implications across the globe.

It is critical for every leader and every team to fully understand the risks and the opportunities afforded by technology in order to effectively collaborate and innovate.


533DZ Foundation, in partnership with the World Economic Forum and r00tz, the largest and most gender diverse hacker conference for children, will bring together global business leaders and the brightest young minds in the Bay Area for a hands-on cyber security training. The goal for this initiative is to empower WEF members to explore ways to bring security into the strategic vision of their companies.


Through experiential workshops, learn how to hack from white-hat hackers - kids & adults

We taught WEF members about IoT security, lock picking, cryptography, circuits, social engineering, the web and bug bounties. Attendees will leave this learning journey with the hacker mindset and sk1ll5 needed in a Fourth Industrial Revolution.


13:15    Why You Need to Become a Hacker

Hacking is a superpower, giving you the ability to travel time and space.  It is the most important skill set for the future of the world.  And as we all learned from Spider-Man, “with great power comes great responsibility.”  A white-hat hacker is someone who enjoys thinking of innovative new ways to make, break and use anything to create a better world.
After this session, you will never look at a lock or phone the same.  We will teach you the basics, so you too can call yourself a hacker.  Be ready to return to headquarters with lessons for your executive team and their families.              

13:30    IoT Hacking on the Bus to Berkeley

14:00    Lock Picking and Circuits

Lock picking is an important first step in understanding the hacker mindset.  No lock is unpick able, it is just a matter of time and money to open it.  At the end of this workshop, you will know how to open police handcuffs and the standard front door without a key is less than a minute.  

14:45    Web Crawling Your Company and Competitors

It's easy to become blind to the vulnerabilities in your external IT presence. People and groups become siloes. They don't share information, they don't ask for help, they don't discuss the bigger threat landscape, they don't update, they often they don't even know one another and they eventually leave the organization. Most companies simply don't know what they own, and even if they do, the software is often old and vulnerable. By leveraging the sluggishness, scale and scope of IT organizations it's become easy for attackers to probe and find weak spots. Watch as a group of smart kids probe your network from the outside, and find issues right in front of your very eyes in a matter of minutes. QA environment, old servers, unpatched software... they're all there and hackable if you know where to look.
Session led by Robert Hansen, Founder and Chairman of Outside Intel - a corporate intelligence platform.
Mr. Hansen has worked for Digital Island, Exodus Communications and Cable & Wireless beginning as a Sr. Security Architect and eventually leading managed security services product management. He also worked at eBay as a Sr. Global Product Manager of Trust and Safety, focusing on anti-phishing, anti-malware and anti-virus. Later he was the VP of Labs for Whitehat Security. Robert currently sits on the technical advisory board of and contributes to the security strategy of several startup companies as a virtual CISO and Innovation Officer. Mr. Hansen is ran the web application security lab at ha.ckers.org, for authored and co-authored several books, found a vulnerability in the Chinese censorship firewall, the North Korean Red Star operating system, and wrote Slowloris which was used by protesters during the Iranian green revolution.

15:30    Social Engineering Your Executives        

16:00    lock picking and circuits

16:40    Controlling the Bay Bridge Lights

16:50    Circuits By Cyfi & Nico Sell

Electronic circuits are the basis for all computers, phones, servers, routers, IoT devices.  Learn how to solder gates and make a light sensitive to light.

CyFi, cofounder of r00tz Asylum & c0sm0 (16)
CyFi is an artist, entrepreneur and hacker born in 2000.  She has trained people of all ages and has extensive experience speaking to the public and the media, including keynoting the Wired conference at fourteen.  

In 2017, she has already presented her research on IoT security to the White House and trained the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders how to hack.  In 2016, CyFi co-founded c0sm0, a tech toy startup.  In 2011, she responsibly disclosed a vulnerability to Samsung enabling an attacker to turn on the TV from anywhere in the world.  In 2010, CyFi received a medal from the director of the US National Security Agency for her security research; the year previously, she discovered a new class of critical vulnerabilities across all mobile devices and worked with AT&T and over a hundred software companies and kids to fix the problem.  In 2008, CyFi cofounded r00tz Asylum, a non-profit teaching kids to love hacking.  In 2007, Cy performed at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; she had her first art gallery showing, titled Barbie Massacre, in San Francisco when she was four.  She has been an artist and hacker as long as she can remember.  More info can be found by googling cyfi hacker.    

Nico Sell
Nico is an artist, athlete and entrepreneur based in California.  She is chairman and founder of numerous technology organizations including 533DZ Foundation, a non-profit venture and educational fund; 533DZ Inc, a secure communications platform; r00tz, a non-profit teaching kids to love hacking; and Whistler, an app building non-violent social movements. Nico serves on numerous advisory boards, including CDT and CSIS where she is Co-Chair of Workforce Acceleration on the Cyber Policy Agenda for the US 45th Presidency.  

In 2016, Nico was awarded World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer of the Year for co-founding Wickr Inc.  She has helped start dozens of successful security companies and grew up helping the Dark Tangent organize DEF CON, the largest hacker organization in the world.  Nico graduated from Dartmouth College with a focus on government and nuclear strategy.