Cyber security Workshops

"Bring Your Kids To Hack Day"



533DZ Foundation, in partnership with r00tz, the largest hacker conference for children, proposes to organize Bring Your Kid to Hack Day, a hands-on cyber security event for senior policy-makers across the US government.

This initiative is designed to bridge the gap between the information security community and government officials through experimental workshops where policy-makers learn with and from their children about key vulnerabilities in common technology and explore the connection between policy and cyber security.


The Internet is essential to growing the global economy and sustaining national critical infrastructure. But with more people and information systems coming online, the attack surface increases exponentially, leaving communications, energy, transport and other industries vulnerable to high- impact attacks.

In addressing these threats, policy-makers must navigate complex technology issues with far-reaching implications across the globe. As we are learning from the ongoing encryption backdoor debate, it is crucial for everyone — especially government officials — to fully consider the risks and the opportunities afforded by technology in assessing the validity of solutions that may in fact harm everyone’s security.

As the majority of emerging risks are extremely technical in nature and fast-changing, 533DZ Foundation is proposing the pilot initiative Bring Your Kid to Hack Day to create an open constructive dialogue between policy-makers and the information security community.


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Hands-On Learning


In this interactive environment, policy-makers and their kids may learn from world renowned white-hat hackers how to eavesdrop on cell phones, remotely turn on cameras on smart TVs, or intercept and decrypt internet traffic.

Hands-on workshops and talks will be selected by the 533DZ Foundation team from the latest security attacks presented at the r00tz conference in August 2016, as well as the most critical security research from previous years,


No prior experience in computer science or technology is required for adults or kids to fully benefit form participating in Bring Your Kids to Hack Day.

Through demonstrating up close and personal that anyone, including children, can exploit vulnerabilities as easily as criminals or foreign intelligence, 533DZ Foundation seeks to empower and inform policy-makers in building the thought leadership that can keep pace with evolving technology and policy issues.



Examine what white-hat hacking is and what role ethics plays in hackers’ work to advance cyber security.

Hacker Workshops

Demonstrate vulnerabilities in common technologies, including mobile and IoT devices.

Kids Workstations

Explore the basics of hacking through cryptography, soldering, 3D modeling, and coding.

Short Engaging Talks

Introduce the latest discoveries in critical systems’ security: cars, air traffic controls and other industrial systems.

Policy Roundtable

Discuss lessons learned and brainstorm creative solutions to mitigate security risks through policy- making.