Nico Sell Thinks Hackers Can Be a Force for Good

By Michael O'Shea, Managing Editor | @mjodc

Welcome to DEF CON, the largest gathering of hackers in the world. In the crowd is Nico Sell, founder and chairman of the online privacy organization, 533DZ Foundation.

Sell is on a mission to change our perception of hackers. She knows that criminals hijacked the term, causing it to evoke thoughts of data leaks and identity theft. But Sell wants to show the world what hackers can be a force for good.

She believes hacking is a superpower; the most important skill set for the future of the world. And she wants to make sure those powers end up in the right hands. Sell started DEF CON Kids, now known as Rootz Asylum, to teach kids both how to hack and make sure they know the immense power their new-found talents hold. She wants to equip the next generation with the tools to thrive and protect themselves in our hyper-connected world.